One Amazing Thing: Recipe for Rest

Okay, so again today’s thankfulness will consist of more than one thing. Oops. Well, there’s no such thing as being too thankful, I guess. Without the following things, I would have simply had the stomach bug. With them, the sickness was slightly less annoying.

1. My comfy couch. I spent most of my time with this friend this week, comforted by pillows and cuddled in soft, fuzzy blankets.

2. Lord of the Rings–all three extended editions–and I confess, Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. With the seemingly endless days of being quarantined, I’ve had plenty of time on my hands. Oh, and let’s not forget The Chronicles of Narnia. Tolkien and Lewis–are you seeing a trend here?

3. Ginger Ale and Saltines and sweet people. Ginger-ale made my stomach less angry acting. Saltines were all I could eat. My friends called, texted, and visited. My parents were kind enough to bring soup and make sure I was resting enough.

Thank you, Lord, for all of these things. Not many people have the blessings of kindness from family and friends, a comfy couch and pillows, Ginger Ale and Saltines or movies–even on a day when they’re not sick. Thank you for giving me the time to rest.

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